Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kitchen Disater = Lesson Learned

I like to think I'm a decent cook. I don't know how to chop veggies 50mph like on those fancy cooking shows, or how to flip my food in a skillet in mid air while cooking. But I can follow a recipe and I know how to improvise.

With that said I didn't subject my husband to horrible meals while I learned to cook when we got married. I already knew how to cook. Since then I have had VERY few kitchen mishaps BUT i don't know what is going on with this new electric stove since we moved the mess-ups have been coming full force! We won't talk about the ruined burner do to a marshmallow spill over while baking, or the really bad sweetish ball meal incident, or trying to fry the VERY thick chicken breasts (not just butterfly them cooks faster!) But we WILL talk about the most recent incident so we can all learn a lesson.

So I started off to make my Honey Mustard Chicken (I will post the recipe regardless) I got it in the pan as seen below:

Looks great right? well let me mention this is one of my favorite pans as well. Had it since we got married. Well when I the oil in before the chicken, it pooled to eh outer rim. Didn't think anything of it (who see's where this is going??) Well let's say dinner ended like this:

How did such a great dinner turn into that? Well over time the pan and bowed in the center. Causing un even cooking. Mostly burning the outside while the inside was still raw (and yes it was thawed out!) Oh I tried to save it and moved it to the oven had to scrape off the burnt crust.

So what is the lesson learned? Invest is some good cookware and switch it out every 5 years or so. I now have my eyes on this Rachael Ray Cookware.

Also like I mentioned before butterfly the thicker pieces of meat if you are going to cook it stove top!

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